$21,270,455 Judgment For Young Woman Paralyzed as a Result of Casino’s Service of Alcohol to a Minor

Attorneys Mark MandellYvette Boisclair, and Zachary Mandell, along with their litigation team, recently received a jury verdict against Twin River Casino and others for their negligent service of alcohol to a minor resulting in a catastrophic crash in April 2010.  This crash left the firm’s client, an 18-year-old female passenger, paralyzed.  After two days of deliberations, the jury returned its verdict finding shared responsibility for the resulting crash and ultimately holding the teenage drunk driver 70% responsible, the Casino 20% responsible, and a liquor store 10% responsible.  The Superior Court entered judgment on the verdict, including interest, in the amount of $21,270,455.  

This landmark case was the subject of recent stories in the Providence Journal as well as other newspaper and media reports around the country.