What Does ‘Birth Injury’ Mean?

Preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, causing 440,000 fatalities a year. Babies are particularly vulnerable to medical errors that occur during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It is estimated that 28,000 babies suffer from a birth injury every year. When a baby is in the womb, they can […]

How Do You Know If Your Child Has Brain Damage?

Sometimes the severity of the brain damage your baby has suffered isn’t always obvious immediately after birth. While there may be some signs of injury after birth, the long-term effects and disabilities your child may endure are not always immediately apparent. Immediately after birth, some of the signs of brain damage, include: Breathing difficulties/Need for […]


One of the most devastating and lifelong injuries a baby can suffer in utero is oxygen deprivation. Being deprived of oxygen at any point during pregnancy, labor, or delivery can result in significant brain damage and long-term disabilities. This damage can result in a condition known as cerebral palsy, which can cause in lifelong motor […]

2019 Clothes for Kids Fill the Racks Luncheon

On Friday, May 9th, Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd gathered at the Crown Plaza Hotel to take part in Clothes To Kids Fill the Racks Luncheon — an annual event aimed at providing new and quality used clothing to low-income, school-age children in Providence County. The event was able to raise an impressive $36,000.00 for […]

What are the Signs of Fetal Distress?

When a medical professional recognizes the signs of fetal distress, they must take swift action to prevent serious and deadly injuries from occurring. During pregnancy and labor and delivery, doctors and nurses must monitor babies closely for signs of distress. This includes routine prenatal care, ultrasounds, and medical testing throughout pregnancy, as well as electronic […]

Forceps Delivery Birth Injuries

Since 1990, the use of forceps in the delivery room has declined drastically in the United States. In 1990, 5.11% of all deliveries involved the use of forceps. By 2017, forceps were used in only 0.5% of all deliveries, according to recent data. This is largely due to improvements in Cesarean sections (C-sections), coupled with […]


The umbilical cord is your baby’s lifeline. Throughout your pregnancy, it supplies vital nutrients, blood, and oxygen to the baby. Sometimes the baby’s umbilical cord can get wrapped around its neck during the later stages of pregnancy or during labor and delivery. This phenomenon is called a nuchal cord and it is surprisingly common. Estimates […]


Traumatic births can lead to serious birth injuries that can have a significant impact on your child’s future development Lack of Oxygen When a maternal complication, long labor or difficult delivery compromises the baby, the baby can lose vital oxygen. This can cause serious brain damage, especially to the baby’s cerebellum, which can result in […]