Is Cerebral Palsy Always a Birth Injury?

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that impacts an individual’s ability to use the muscles. Individuals with cerebral palsy may be unable to walk, and some may also have intellectual disabilities, vision problems, hearing deficiencies, speech difficulty, spinal cord issues, or joint problems. The severity of symptoms depends on the type of cerebral palsy the individual […]

$31,500,000 Medical Negligence/Failure to Diagnose Increasing Intracranial Pressure

Attorneys Mark Mandell, Yvette Boisclair and Zachary Mandell received a medical negligence verdict resulting in a judgment in the amount of $31,500,000. The claim was against Rhode Island Hospital and its employees and agents for negligently failing to identify and treat clear signs of increasing intracranial pressure. Due to the hospitals negligence, Mr. Beauchamp suffered a brain stem herniation with resulting widespread, severe […]