Rhode Island Obstetrical Negligence

Birth injuries here in Rhode Island can be devastating and heartbreaking because they occur at a time when a family is most helpless. We trust doctors (and nurses) to help us through the birthing process and most often we are unfamiliar with the hazards an improper delivery impose and what occurs if a medical professional does not follow proper medical procedures. Thus parents are not always aware when a birth injury occurs, and whether or not it was preventable  These birth injuries are referred Obstetrical Negligence  that quite often  result in severe injuries including cerebral palsy or brachial palsy or death to a newborn.

Here at Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd we employ our own staff of nurse paralegals to investigate Rhode Island Obstetrical Negligence claims where it is suspected that obstetrical malpractice by a medical professional has resulted in injuries or death. Our nurses have an average of 24 years experience assisting the attorneys to prosecute these cases from the initial intake to trial.