$176,106,236.18 Station Nightclub fire resulting in 100 deaths and 206 injuries. read more

$31,500,000 Medical Negligence/Failure to Diagnose increasing intracranial pressure resulting in catastrophic brain injury

$21,270,455 Negligent Service of Alcohol to a Minor by a Casino resulting in catastrophic injury.

$18,100,000 Negligent Over-Service of liquor and allowing a customer to leave resulting in traumatic brain injury to the occupant of another car.

$15,500,000 Obstetrical Negligence Delayed delivery leading to cerebral palsy

$15,349,000 Surgical negligence involving preoperative, operative and postoperative treatment of a parotid cancer

$15,246,000 Negligent Bartender and Restaurant in service of alcohol and allowing intoxicated person to leave.

$10,000,000 Birth trauma vs  Navy Obstetrician/U.S. Government Fetal Distress – Delayed Delivery

$6,500,000 Negligent treatment of newborn

$6,500,000 Cardiac and neurological injuries Failure to properly diagnose and treat an infection in an infirmary.

$6,000,000 Product Liability Drug vs. Manufacturer (1995) Severe brain injury

$5,500,000 Birth trauma vs. Obstetrician / Medical Office Fetal Distress – delayed delivery Brain injured infant.

$5,500,000 Brain Injured Infant

$5,000,000 Emergency Room Negligence

$5,000,000 Medical Negligence Surgical Negligence leading to wrongful death

$4,750,000 Obstetrical Negligence

$4,500,000 Pediatric & Emergency Room Negligence Misdiagnosis of brain condition. Brain injured adolescent

$4,500,000 Birth trauma vs. Obstetrician / Hospital Fetal Distress – delayed delivery – Brain injured infant

$4,000,000 Birth trauma vs. incompetent Obstetrician/Hospital Misdiagnosis – fetal distress – negligent caesarian section. Laceration through skull and brain – severe brain injury

$4,000,000 Automobile products liability for family death and injury in Texas crash.

$4,000,000 Electrical burns due to power lines too low.

$4,000,000 Birth injury due to mismanaged breech delivery.

$3,850,000 Failure to diagnose child abuse vs. MDs/Hospital Severe brain injury to infant.

$3,500,000 Surgical Negligence resulting in kidney damage

$3,500,000 Surgical Negligence leading to wrongful death of a child

$3,000,000 Birth trauma Obstetrician / Hospital Fetal distress – delayed delivery. Brain injury

$3,000,000 Automobile products liability for woman killed in New Hampshire crash.

$3,000,000 Birth trauma vs. Obstetrician Fetal distress – delayed delivery Brain injury

$3,000,000 Birth trauma – Obstetrician / Hospital

$3,000,000- Negligence by Private School in hiring and training lifeguards and negligence by lifeguards in surveilling the pool re: drowning death of 15 year old boy

$3,000,000 Medical Negligence for failure to timely diagnose a malignant melanoma.

$2,700,000 Surgery on wrong foot vs. Podiatrist Nerve damage.

$2,300,000 Birth trauma -Obstetrician / Hospital Fetal distress – delayed delivery Stillborn

$2,100,000 Pediatric Medical Negligence for the failure to timely diagnose and treat a seizure disorder

$2,100,000 Pediatric Negligence vs. MD and Hospital Misdiagnosis of infection.

$2,000,000 Medical Negligence for failure to timely diagnose a post –operative abdominal bleed that led to a stroke

$1,900,000 Negligent treatment to a patient in an emergency room.

$1,700,000 Failure to timely diagnose colon cancer.

$1,500,000 Settlement of a Municipal Liability Claim for injuries and death caused by a police chase

$1,500,000 Medical Negligence vs. Neurosurgeon.

$1,500,000 Medical Negligence/Wrongful death following endoscopy

$1,500,000 Failure to diagnose breast cancer vs. Obstetrician and Radiologist Death of mother/grandmother.

$1,500,000 Obstetrical/Hospital Negligence resulting in death of mother and twins

$1,500,000 Auto Accident resulting in death.

$1,400,000 Pharmacy Negligence involving the excessive dispensing of prescription.

$1,300,000 Medical Negligence negligent performance of anesthesia leading to vocal cord paralysis

$1,300,000 Failure to timely diagnose kidney disease resulting in amputation.

$1,350,000 Injuries to scuba diver in Jones Act claim

$1,275,000 Medical Negligence vs. Primary Care Physician.

$1,260,250 Truck Accident resulting in death.

$1,250,000 Medical Malpractice – Orthopedic Surgeon Nerve injury to leg

$1,225,000 Medical Negligence vs. Neurosurgeon Herniated disk repair – spinal cord injury

$1,100,000 Pedestrian accident – knee injury

$1,050,000 Construction site accident resulting in death.

$1,025,000 Product liability vs. garage door manufacturer Failure to warn of hidden danger. Severe facial injuries – loss of eye, fractures, scarring.

$1,000,000 Medical Negligence Failure to timely diagnose cancer.

$1,000,000 Birth Trauma against a hospital. Delayed delivery causing death.

$1,000,000 Nursing home negligence causing wrongful death.

$1,000,000 Products liability for deep sea diver injured by defective dive equipment

$950,000 Medical Negligence/Wrongful death Failure to diagnose lung cancer

$940,000 Medical Negligence/Wrongful death Failure to timely diagnose malignant melanoma

$925,000 Medical Negligence in performing thyroidectomy, leading to bilateral vocal cord paralysis.

$913,000 Podiatrist liable for Medical Negligence, Violation of informed consent and for committing a medical battery.

$875,000 Contract action to enforce settlement agreement.

$850,000 Auto Accident case involving Personal Injury and Wrongful Death of retired Policeman

$850,000 Medical Negligence – injury / death after gall bladder surgery.

$840,000 Automobile Accident – Dram Shop Case

$825,000 Motorcycle accident injuries to driver

$750,000 Nursing Home Negligence Suffocation death of patient.

$750,000 Automobile Accident resulting in death

$750,000 Crime victim due to assault

$750,000 Automobile Accident with orthopedic injuries to husband and wife

$750,000 Crime victim due to assault.

$750,000 Construction site accident, facial injuries to female worker.

$725,000 Truck Accident Injuries– Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

$650,000 settlement for birth trauma, shoulder dystopia, Erbs palsy.

$650,000 Crime Victim assault on college campus.

$650,000 Automobile accident injuries to driver’s leg.

$600,000 Disability insurance claim

$600,000 Massachusetts Wrongful death of one twin caused by delay in delivery in Massachusetts.

$530,000 Motorcycle accident injuries to driver’s back

$525,000 Motorcycle accident injuries to driver’s leg.

$525,000 Automobile accident injuries to driver’s neck.

$500,000 Electrical accident burn injuries to worker.

$500,000 Medical Malpractice 4th degree laceration after childbirth.

$500,000 Medical Negligence of urologist resulting in kidney