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Reviews 23

Would give 10 stars if I could! Both Mark and Yvette were wonderful. They were tenacious in dealing with the insurance companies, and yet kind and thoughtful when dealing with me. They were extraordinary. Highest recommendation. Great people!

-Doug Molloy
Reviews 23

The entire team handled our case with empathy and professionalism. From the first time we met Yvette and Zack they took the time to listen to what justice meant to us. It was never just about the settlement but that our concerns and our side of the story was heard . The team was always responsive to our questions and calls. We felt very fortunate to have such a strong team representing our case.

-Allyson Manning
Reviews 23

We had such a great experience working with Mark and Yvette. They are kind, and caring especially when going through tough times. They are diligent in finding answers. They successfully got justice for our daughters birth injuries. We were so lucky to have them by our side fighting for our daughters rights.

-Gina Folco
Reviews 23

The ABSOLUTE BEST! My wife and I found Mark Mandell and Yvette Boisclair in a moment of crisis. I literally google’d “the best attorneys in Rhode Island” to find them. Google knows…they, and their incredible team, were “the best!” They established a relationship of trust and kept us involved throughout the legal process. They are motivated by truth and justice, and go above and beyond to seek it. From the personal customer service, professional response, incredible legal network, and ultimate positive resolution in our case…they were “the best.”

-Ryan C.
Reviews 23

Mr. Mandell is a true professional. He helped my family through a difficult time. Patiently explaining a difficult and foreign process, and rapidly, with a few calls, getting a satisfactory settlement agreement. I would highly recommend him to a friend.

-Dag Holmsen
Reviews 23

My experience with Mark Mandell as my lawyer and his competent and skillful colleagues at Mandell, Boisclair, and Mandell was exceptional. Mr. Mandell and his colleagues worked extremely hard on my case and stood by me at every step during the legal process. I am forever grateful for the professional expertise that Mark and his colleagues brought to this case, as well as the kindness and caring that I received from this wonderful group of people. I highly recommend the law firm of Mandell, Boisclair, and Mandell.

-Alyson Mccann
Reviews 23

Never in a million years did I ever think my husband and I would need a malpractice lawyer. Yvette and her husband Mark were incredible. They walked us through the entire process from start to finish. Yvette made us feel comfortable and listened to us. Her attention to detail was meticulous. She and her husband Mark are everything you want in a lawyer. She was direct, straight forward and most importantly someone we felt comfortable around. We were referred to Yvette by one of our own doctors. The best decision we ever made was to fully trust in Yvette and Mark. After going through the entire process and being in front of other lawyers, I can 100 percent say that the best decision we ever made was to hire Yvette and Mark Mandell to represent us!

-Alison D.
Reviews 23

I am a survivor of the Station Night Club Fire who was blessed to have Attorney Mark Mandell and his amazing partners in my corner. He fought so hard for what was right for all of his clients. I will forever be grateful for all he did and the friendship that grew from such a tragic event in my life.

-Gina M. Russo
Reviews 23

I never had to engage an attorney until I had a medical malpractice issue. I was referred to Yvette Boisclair. After meeting with her, she agreed to represent me. I could not have made a better choice. I had heard horror stories of lawyers not responding to calls and dragging out cases for years. I had the exact opposite experience. Yvette was on top of everything from day one. Calls were returned very quickly. She guided me through every step of the process until we reached a very satisfactory settlement. Even after everything was completed, I had reason to ask for her assistance in resolving a problem with a third party administrator of a Medicare set-aside that she had arranged for me. With no hesitation, using the power of her position, she helped me resolve it. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with all that Yvette has done for me.

-Giluio Marsella
Reviews 23

I’ll never forget the date, time or where I was when I got the call. It was my beloved wife. She was calling to tell me the results of her biopsy. It was cancer, a deadly type, stage IV, and it had spread to her lymph system. The prognosis was dismal: she had a 50% chance to survive 3 years. We had two daughters aged 4 and 1 – we started to discuss life for me and our daughters if my lovely wife didn’t survive. I asked several of my closest legal friends for a reference. One set of names was repeatedly mentioned: Mark Mandell and Yvette Boisclair. We met with Mark and Yvette, and immediately decided to engage them. They are, of course, experts in their field, and held in the highest regard by their peers in the legal community. They not only are experts in the relevant legal theory, but they also are strategic and creative thinkers, and smart and persuasive negotiators. But as equally important, they are empathetic, and truly took on the burden of what we were going through. They shepherded us every step of the way, understanding how fragile we were. In the end, they managed our case to a very successful outcome. And we remain friends over two decades later, for which we are so thankful. We highly recommend Mark and Yvette, not only as top experts in their field with an outstanding track record of client representation, but also as top quality people.

-Richard M.
Reviews 23

Hearing the news your daughter has cerebral palsy is devastating. Knowing it happened because of negligence is horrific. Several attorneys later, I found Mark Mandell. After my first meeting with Mark, I felt rescued. Mark gave us a sense of security we didn’t have. Hope where there was none. I poured my heart out to Mark and he listened with an empathetic ear. I always felt safe because Mark was in charge of our case. Mark truly cares about his clients. Our family is so grateful to him for all he did for us.

-Linda F.